System Integration

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Self Instrumentation and S.I.

Thought should always be given to the self instrumentation of the prime equipment, i.e. design for test from the outset. 


The self instrumentation of the prime equipment does not have to include physical test equipment, e.g. data readers, display panels, etc, but could just be data streams that are outputted on request or fault logs.


If there is concern that the self instrumentation can add unacceptable processing overheads then why not introduce a system of removing the self instrumentation before delivery?


It is rarely the case that you provide too much information, if information is grouped, say in different levels of abstraction, engineers will be able to decode the information and make use of it.


It is quite often the case that if you provide a separate test equipment system, i.e. a physically separate piece of equipment to the prime equipment, it will be the one to suffer when the pressure is on.  It is quite often the case that the prime equipment will be delivered before the test equipment, or the test equipment is delivered with a lot of work still to be done on it.


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